Lemme Drive the Oats Face Mask

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Take control of your skin with our Lemme Drive the Oats dry face mask. This mask is perfect for those with sensitive skin. There is beauty in simplicity so we created a simple mask for an amazing glow with a gentle touch.

Our dry masks are completely customizable, just add water or:

  • normal skin: milk or sweet almond oil

  • oily skin: witch hazel or aloe juice

  • dry skin: cream or olive oil

How To Use: Mix a teaspoon of the mask with a liquid of your choice till a paste is formed. Apply to face and let sit for 10 minutes. Then rinse away with warm water to reveal beautiful glowing skin.


Kaolin Clay: Cleanses the pores and boosts blood circulation at the same time. It promotes skin cell regeneration, bringing a healthy and glowing look to dull and tired skin

Bee Pollen Powder: Can help with wrinkles and blemishes and also correct darkening of the skin

Oats: A great soft exfoliant for sensitive skin. Oats help prevent acne and improve complexion. They even act as a natural skin cleanser.

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