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Our Founder

Hello and welcome to the Wavy Shea Baby! My name is Ymani and I am a 20 year old junior at the wonderful University of Central Florida, Go Knights! I was born in South Florida (954 to my city) and raised for a couple years in Jamaica (876 big up mi likkle people dem). I am currently studying Sports and Exercise Science with the goal of one day becoming a Pediatric Physical Therapist.


The Owner of the Wavy Shea Baby

The Owner of the Wavy Shea Baby

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

How it all got started

I have always had a passion for natural products for hair and skin. It mainly started when I went natural a year ago. As I was doing research on how to care for my curls, I found out about many raw natural ingredients that are so beneficial for hair and skin.

Raw shea butter was one of those ingredients! I started making whipped shea butter for my friends hair and the interest in the craft took off.

I take a lot of pride in the products and how they are made. Each product is hand crafted by me alone to ensure that what you receive is the absolute best.

I got the nickname the Wavy Baby from an old friend of mine and I feel like it truly encompasses my personality. Just like a wave, I can go with the flow and navigate around any obstacle put in my path.


Credit to Geraldine Jeannot (@geraldinejeannphoto on Instagram), Karla Jimenez ( on Instagram), Karleigh Peterson (@sunni_kp on Instagram), and Shayla Phillips (@shaylaxshayla on Instagram). These lovely photographers have each contributed graphics to our website and we are beyond grateful for their artistry. Please free to check them out via their social media handles.